Daniel Devoy
designer/graphic artist*
originally from New Zealand,
quarantining in -ly Montréal.
graphic design / art direction / branding / packaging / illustration / web design / 

I’m a creative thinker looking for unique opportunities to learn new things and push myself into challenging and uncomfortable situations.

I’m not a big fan of pandering with a kiss-ass bio, so hopefully my work can speak for itself.

What I am a big fan of: Music festivals, roller coasters, George Foreman grills, double denim, triple denim, neon, David Fincher films, ghost signs, the song ‘Good Vibrations’(The Beach Boys and Marky Mark versions), the Irish goodbye, street art, dinosaurs, smoked bacon, streaky bacon and Kevin Bacon.

I’m available for freelance work and collaborations so if you want to get in touch, flick me an email at hello@danieldevoy.com

Montréal, Canada