Daniel Devoy 
originally from New Zealand,
currently living
in -ly Montréal.
4.8 star Uber®rating.
graphic design / art direction / branding / packaging / illustration / advertising / web design / copy-writing / proof raeding / photo retouching /

I’m a creative thinker looking for unique opportunities to learn new things and push myself into challenging and uncomfortable situations.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work all across the design world – on branding, packaging, advertising, illustration, photography and copy writing – for large commercial brands as well as small ones. Through this experience, I’ve developed a strong ability to strategically apply design thinking: visualising problems, learning from them and responding with innovative solutions.

I’m not a big fan of pandering with a kiss-ass bio, so hopefully my work can speak for itself.

What I am a big fan of: 90’s Hip Hop, roller coasters, George Foreman grills, double denim, triple denim, neon, David Fincher films, ghost signs, street art, dinosaurs, smoked bacon, streaky bacon and Kevin Bacon.

I’m available for freelance work and collaborations so if you want to get in touch, flick me an email at hello@danieldevoy.com