Daniel Devoy is an award-winninggraphic designer with over 10 years experience** who speaks in the 3rd person.

I’m a creative thinker looking for unique opportunities to learn new things and push myself forward into challenging and uncomfortable situations.

Not really a big fan of the whole “This is why you should hire me..” pandering, so hopefully my work can just speak for itself.

What I am a big fan of: Japanese food, theme parks, cereal, 90’s Hip Hop, neon signs, George Foreman grills, music festivals, David Fincher movies, and all things bacon (streaky, rasher, and Kevin).

I’m available for freelance work and collaborations so if you want to get in touch, flick me an email at hello@danieldevoy.com

*Two awards. One was for participation.
** 10 years, 1 month. A logo for an uncle when I was 17 counts, right?

Montréal, CA.